Top Tech Must-Haves for Travelling

Travelling can be stressful but the technological accoutrements available to modern adventure-seekers can help you stay on top form throughout any journey, whether you need to keep boredom at bay or find directions.

Here are five of the most desirable gadgets to take travelling in 2012, each of which will provide you with something different.

Apple AirPort Express

It can be difficult to find Wi-Fi networks which you can access easily in foreign lands, but this gadget from Apple will let you create your very own short-range hotspot so that you can connect your iPhone, iPad or laptop to the internet.

All you need is a plug socket and an Ethernet cable to put out a Wi-Fi signal which multiple users can share at the same time.

Franklin Global Translator

There is nothing worse than having to look through a phrasebook for the right combination of words when you get to a destination with no people who speak your native tongue.

With the Global Translator from Franklin you can avoid the embarrassment and hassle by letting a gadget do the work for you.

With 12 global languages loaded on board and almost half a million words stored internally, it will be a great companion for the far-ranging travellers out there.

The cheapest model features a keyboard with which you can input what you want to translate, but there is a voice-activated version that is several times as expensive but much easier to use.

Kensington ComboSaver

This gadget is relatively low-tech but it will protect your valuable laptop computer by locking it in place on a table or other solid object so that it is tough for thieves to take it while you are out and about.

A laptop can be your lifeline to friends and family back home, so if you want to protect your investment this little locking gadget is ideal.

Nintendo 3DS

Everyone gets a little fatigued by travelling and you will not always want to be reading a book or gazing out the window, so a 3DS handheld games console from Nintendo will be a good way to break up the journey.

As well as letting you enjoy the latest 3D games, it can also be used to take photos and record video clips in 3D, which will be a great way to commemorate the places you have visited.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus is a powerful Android smart phone which benefits from a large 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display with a HD resolution.

A smart phone is often the single most useful travel gadget in your arsenal as it can be harnessed to take pictures, navigate unknown places, find local amenities, browse the web and play media files.

With social networking integrated, you can even use the Galaxy Nexus to keep your relatives up to date with your exploits, although you should stick to using Wi-Fi connectivity when overseas as data roaming charges can be steep.

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